Cole Lightfighter (@lightfighter)

I'm offering security testing services on infrastructure & applications.

Recently exited a 3-year tour in the corporate hell known as Security Consulting/Engineering. Horrible mess that world, and now my passion (crypto) is finally getting full attention. Most of my experience has been testing webapps, with some work fuzzing binary software like bitcoind and zcashd.

If you have a cool programming project, I'm down to help. My main language is Rust, but I'm also proficient in C and Python. Willing to learn an existing stack, *nearly regardless of the language used (please no C#, Java, or VisualBasic ;-). 

My coding work can be found here: <u>https;//</u>

No ILLEGAL hacks. If you do not have rite to access and/or manipulate the resource, I will not touch it. At first sign of illegal activity, I reserve the right to cease work, and be compensated for all legal work already performed.