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0011 s.r.o.
We operate the 1st bitcoin ATM in Europe ( in Bratislava, Slovakia. In partnership with DIC we connect you to the world diamond markets.
I don't like ebay, but open source! So here I am...
The Bitcoin Store
We sell bitcoin swag, art, and hardware for crypto enthusiasts
StartSPOT the StartCOIN powered Wi-Fi HotSpot. Share Your Internet Securely. Surf The Web Anonymously. Access Hidden .Onion TLDs
WANTED: Bounty Board
You want to find work? Or you want to find\nemployee? Or just want to find people interested in your skills or ideas? \nPlace a bounty on board and saddle up!
Testing setup on RaspberryPi 3 B ARM8 Ram 1GB
Hot Gadgets For You
Welcome to HotGadgetsForYou Great deals on Memory cards, Flash drives, and Power Supply for PC laptops cameras
Themes 🎨
Premium themes for OpenBazaar
Freedom Fridge
3D printed fridge magnets and other cool stuff for freedom lovers.
Black Bull Trading Post
Service through honor.
Tienda Oficial en OpenBazaar de BTCWOMAN, una chica bitcoiner. Podrás adquirir artículos y servicios exclusivos para la difusión de bitcoin y criptomonedas.
Owen Gunden
""We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference."" - Mandela
RhizOHM Distribution is the only Kratom distributor operating a Multi-tiered Network of Independent Distributors designed to Share the Wealth fairly.
Selling Gift Cards for Bitcoin
Make It 3D
Selling high-quality hand-made quilts! All designs cut and pieced by hand.\n\nThe best quality quilts on the decentralized internet!
Hip Hop Artist
We specialize in overstock and discontinued items!
Productos de la huerta
Celler Les Foes
Viña de Les Coves de Vinromà, Castelló
I'm Mitchełł (;u=113670), a staff member at Bitcointalk and an official seller of Silver Wallets.
Hosting your OpenBazaar store so it's online 24/7, on your own private server in the cloud.
Pepper Palace
All that matters in a peppers world!
Buy cheap tobacco on OpenBazaar!
Food Store UK
Shipping food, drink and other items to UK and the EU/Rest of the World.
Independent OpenBazaar Host. Selling decentralised services and other random things. Happy to moderate any transactions.
SV Satoshi
The largest sailboat parts and gear store on OpenBazaar.
Physical Bitcoins and Bitcoin Goods
The CBD Superstore®
Now you can buy CBD with Bitcoin!! ....The CBD Superstore®.....Rapid Worldwide shipping to your door, it couldn't be easier! +++\n
Rab Fulton
Craftsman based in Scotland
Entropy Factory
Community of professionals and technological projects
sheila tienda
Mi Tienda es xupy way!
Print It!
3D Printing is so much more than printing tiny little figures. Once you realize it, you can't stop thinking about improving thousands of details in your life.
Boutique for unique handmade children's fashion and accessories.
Un todoasien dichital, asi venc tot lo que tinc per casa que no vuic.
China Direct
Great products!\n\nShipped direct from China to your doorstep!\n\nGive us a try!
The Digital Store
All digital goods - software, ebooks, training programs, maps, posters and prints
Entropy CO
Servicios de Coliving a un precio justo
Sneaker Store®
Buy Sneakers with Bitcoin\nWORDLWIDE DELIVERY
P2P - Economy
Tygg's Seedery
seed is life
All and nothing.
Refur's Bazaar
Refur's - Bazaar \nEverything and Beyond ;)
Email Verifier
Coupons for mailing list cleaning with
Hi. I'm a lossless trance music collector. Mostly I got my favorite singles/albums/tracks in wav format. And now I'm ready to sell some part of my collection.
Reggae, Dancehall, Dub and Jungle vinyl records
Baba Vanga Records
An independent artist-run experimental electronic music label from Prague.
A Bit of Art
ABitofArt is the place to buy a little piece of art online using cryptocurrency.
All your favourite Thai products in one space
Richard Ulrich
Paragliding Tandem Flights in beautyfull central Switzerland
MPC Books
Mathematics, physics & chemistry publications.
China Man Bazaar
International Goods Sales Man
Geeks Bargains
Handcrafted leather accessories.
Weapon Direct
Great deals on outdoor gear. We offer an amazing selection of hunting, fishing, camping, shooting accessories and much more.
Webs Oldest GiftCard for Bitcoin Site
Edge Security Platform and Bitcoin Wallet
Speaks in Russian, living in New York, sell stuff on ebay, VJ-artist
Arne Bolen
English speaking OpenBazaar Moderator.
Premium raw apiculture products from Portugal ** Raw Honey, Comb Honey, Beeswax, Propolis and Bee Bread ** Worlwide shipping
Lovely Crochet
Passionate about hand-made beautiful things. All made with love.
JP Fortin
Antec Marketplace
Room of Requirement
Yummitea is a Belgian Tea Brand selling high quality loose leaf tea in happy colored canisters. We have more than 40 tastes available on OpenBazaar.
Nuke Bloodaxe
Testing System
Wildfire eSupply
The 1st IT Networking Supply Store on OpenBazaar! We sell new networking & structured wiring equipment / supplies such as: Ubiquiti Mikrotik MetaGeek DataComm
Freedom Feens Merch Street
Merchandise related to the Freedom Feens radio show, and to the BipCot NoGov license (invented by the Feens.) Also random ""yard sale"" items from Freedom Feens head hamster Michael W. Dean
Walter Gmelch e. K.
More Awesome Stuff Coming Soon!
Freedom's the answer! What's the question?
Agorist Hosting
We provide a secure hosting environment with bi-continental redundancy to ensure a censorship and cyber-violence free work space. #bitcoin accepted here.
Crypto Collectibles
Blockchains Local Comic Shop
on the homestead
Bitcoin Not Bombs
Free The Market, Free The World!
Open Source Photos
I want to start an Open Source Photography movement. Need a cheap photo for a project? Buy my photo once then do with it what you will no questions asked.\n
Building roads without permission.\nThis store is hosted by Agorist Hosting
High Quality Ingress Inventory Shop
ICARUS Hardware
Offloading my random shit to you, and you alone.
decentralized.. zelda
[EN] Privacy, encryption and digital security\n[PT] Privacidade, cifrado e segurança digital\n[ES] Privacidad, cifrado y seguridad digital
Best Honey on Earth
Best Honey on Earth made with love by French bees.
Contemporary Freedom
Pushing the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and free trading. OpenBazaar promoter. Art gallery for bitcoin.
Hearing Things
Selling music and related goods from Perth, Western Australia. is a marketplace that accepts Bitcoin for electronics, laptop computers, perfumes, shoes, backpacks and pet supplies offered by our vendors. \n\n
Dan H
I have stuff, you have Bitcoin, let's make it happen
Cool Collectibles
Movie & TV Collectibles, Celebrities, Toys, Dolls, TV Guides, Magazines, Comic Books, Photos, Autographs, Antiquities, Art, Jade, Vintage Jewelry, Past-current
Bit Garden
Seeds for you home and garden!
Art Africa
We are a small group of artisans in Africa crafting wooden and other art. Free shipping on some promotional items. Free and fair moderation.
Welcome!\n You are entering to carbon carvig paradise. Enjoy your stay here while browsing on the stunning carbon carving with an affordable price!\n
P Cube Services
We are your outsourced IT department that keeps your computers, smart devices running and your data secure.
Tupinikim Tecnologia
Selling Android app source code!\nSelling Steam keys!
I have many things to sell, but don't have the time to list them all! I am into crafts and enjoy making things with paracord. Please browse the store!
Tiki Dragon
Fine, and not so fine, interesting things.
(@metalmethod301) I am an ex-eBayer (119 stars) because OpenBazaar captures the good ol' early days of eBay.
Ray Brown
Media Producer, Musician, Entreprenuer.
It's much more fun to sell here than on eBay
ibazaar (online 24/7)
Welcome, here is the first decentralized shop in France !\n\n---\n\nBienvenue sur la 1ere boutique décentralisée de France !
Being Creative Is Awesome - Create Something - And Learn
The Dopefish
Im a Pixel artist for fun.
If bitcoins the future and dollar the past,\nI better get earning, and pretty darn fast
La Tiendita de Luca